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Achievings is a young and energetic consulting firm in Bangkok, Thailand, specialising in

  • Customer experience implementation

  • Econometric modelling for business decision and predictive analysis

  • Management and IT consulting

At Achievings, everyday our consultants consistently bring industry experience, expertise, commitment, and trustworthy partnership to deliver best-in-class consulting services to our client.

Our Services

Customer Experience 

Build and benefit from great customer experience with SAP C/4HANA suite and

Econometric Analytics

Gain better understanding of demand, marketing mix, and predict the best move to benefit from it

Management Consulting 

Identify and implement strategic initiatives and improve business and IT operation that delivers real business impact



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Ready to find out more?

Achievings can help your organization solve burning issues and unlock potential value from strategic initiatives on customer engagement, strategy and process improvement, and make use of your most valuable asset - data - to predict business outcome and decide on the best move to benefit most from it. Talk to us to find out in details how we can help.